Aircraft Parts and Appraisals

Aircraft Parts and Appraisals

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Alan Aircraft Services Inc. in Uniondale, Indiana provides maintenance, aircraft parts and appraisals for aviation companies interested in keeping their aircraft functioning at an optimal level.  President of Alan Aircraft Services Inc., Alan Lance, has been serving the aviation community since 2002.  Alan Aircraft Services Inc. serves aviation companies by providing support in appraising, buying, selling, maintaining and managing aircraft.  It is a specialized industry requiring the experience and knowledge needed to be legal, safe, and cost effective.

Sonrise Aviation Director of Maintenance

President of Alan Aircraft Services Inc.

Alan Lance

(260) 543-2379

Aircraft Parts and AppraisalsAlan Lance has been in the aircraft maintenance industry for over 35 years.  He is a graduate of Bellville Area College and specialized in Aviation Maintenance and Management.  He has extensive formal training with a variety of aircraft and aircraft engines.  From 1978 to 1993, he worked as a airframe and power plant mechanic performing maintenance for FAA Part 135 and Part 121 aircraft.  In addition to running his own business, Alan is the current Director of Maintenance for Sonrise Aviation.   Alan Lance founded Alan Aircraft Services Inc. in 2001.  The following is a list of his accomplishments in his career and the services he can provide through his company.

  • President of Alan Aircraft Services Inc.
  • FAA Certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanics licensed for 35 years
  • FAA (IA) Authorization for aircraft inspections
  • FAA Aircraft Dealers Registration Certificate for buying and selling
  • National Aircraft Appraisal Association (NAAA) Senior Appraiser
  • Currently has over 1,000 parts for sale at and
  • 10 years experience buying and selling aircraft and aircraft parts for government sources

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